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Biology Department Greenhouses

The Biology Department greenhouses serve the faculty and students at the Boston Harbor campus by providing the ideal environment to learn about plants. Numerous collections of plants native to tropical, desert, and temperate climates are present for research and for demonstration of the diversity of the plant kingdom.

The greenhouses are located on the fourth floor of the Science Building at the University of Massachusetts Boston harbor campus.


Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00-4:00
the greenhouses are closed Saturdays,
Sundays and all holidays.

Call (617)287-6580
for special arrangements or  tours.




Tim O'Donnell of the Gerontology Institute took this photo of the collection of desert plants. The photo was taken during a McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies field trip to the UMass Boston Greenhouse.

Plants of interest

Photo: Greg Meyers

Pavonia Multiflora . Photo taken :December 3, 2012


Artwork from Art 281 drawing class

Ponderosa Lemon by Alex DeMambro



Jim Allen's page


A Greenhouse Blooming With Activity

from Alumni Magazine 1997

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Panoramic views of the greenhouses and the
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